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Is Growing a Healthy Long Hair Your Goal?

Except growing long healthy hair isn’t your hair goal, length retention is the most important technique/procedure to ensure/practice.

Growing your hair rapidly but not retaining that growth _monthly_ to achieve the desired longer result over time is akin to pouring water into a basket expecting it to remain.

Undoubtedly some people just want it short and healthy, but if you want longer hair, no matter how fast your hair grows in a month and you are not retaining the growth, your hair will always appear short. 

All the manipulations: combing daily/weekly, styling daily/weekly, trimming monthly, using too many extensions, and using toxins known as hair products are enough to cause breakage that will lead to loss of retention.

“How can she get it right when she keeps doing it wrong?”

If your hair goal is to grow long healthy hair, you should focus on how you can retain those inches monthly. Most hair strand thicknesses can withstand any type of stress from daily/weekly combing, but most fine strands can’t, especially if hair and root are weak. 

The following are ways to reduce breakage and retain length:

1. Use healthy OILS  with WATER for pre-pop. I recommend Zapi Hair Growth Oil alongside aloe juice for both pre-poo and other moisturizing routines.

2. Use sealants (oils or butter to seal in moisture and keep hair hydrated) suitable for your hair porosity. I recommend Zapi Hair Seal & Shine.

3.  Allow your hair to rest from styling and combing for at least a month and wear more no-extension protective hairstyles.

5. Detangle hair in sections and gently.

6. Use a silk/satin hair bonnet or silk pillow cover to protect your hair while you sleep.

7. Moisturize hair before braiding or using any extensions.

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